Brooke Allen Folio

I’m back from my November break!

So I am back from taking time off in November. In November I returned from my six month excursion to Canada. Living in Toronto, I completed an Environmental Visual Communication graduate certificate program at the Royal Ontario Museum in partnership with Fleming College. Truly an amazing experience, over the summer I traveled to Vancouver for a short time and then flew out to the Great Bear Rainforest in Northern B.C. working with a non-profit group Guarding the Gifts documenting the local area and conducting interviews with a range of individuals. I interviewed locals including First Nations individuals and the CetaceaLab co-founder, as well as individuals visiting the area from all over North America. The topic was the proposal of the Enbridge twin pipeline and more specifically the super tanker route from Kitimat through the channels to be shipped out overseas. This is what I heard:

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